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Talkase Mobile Phone – This phone For iPhone User

Talkase Mobile Phone
Talkase Mobile For Smartphone/ iPhone Users, Talkase mobile with free iPhone 8 cover

Talkase mobile phone, an aid to the smartphone users:- The fast paced world has introduced us new electric gizmos to survive daily routine. But since the launch of smartphones this small functioning gadget become outdated like Nokia 1100.

Talkase Mobile For Smartphone/ iPhone Users

Talkase Mobile has launched a new variety of cellular phone that makes the way for the market of small phones back. This Talkase mobile providing mini mobile phone through online shopping. Talkase mobile has much more battery life, than any branded smartphone. As the low battery life is a biggest issue for any smartphone and companies are out of solutions. There were many options were used to solve such problem, like powerbanks, solar chargers and apps to boost battery life. More information about phone is available on site Yerha phone review. Talkase mobile is slowly catching the demands now. You can buy Talkase on Amazon, ebay, the best feature is the size of the credit card.

Talkase mobile with free iPhone cover

The main purpose of a phone device is way more important than watch videos, using Whatsapp and Snapchat. Taiwanese company WiMe provides a mini phone for your iPhone/smartphone. To have a backup in case your smartphone lost or discharged. This is a credit card size phone also comes with iPhone 8 case cover. You can say that a phone for iPhone user. It supports both 2G and 3G, can become your other cell phone in case of emergency. This phone is available with iPhone 5/5S/6/6S, 6plus covers. It easily gets fit in the cover with your iPhone. It helps in many ways to overcome situation of sudden phone lost or battery is discharged completely with out backup.

Talkase Mobile Phone Specification And Features

The important aspect is the size, in dimensions, it is 8.5mm in height and 48mm width. This phone cost you around 4,490INR, it has POLED display of 1.1 inch and resolution of 128×30 pixel. Talkase mobile specification let us know the important design style and its optimum usage. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity to almost all smartphones. One charge will allow you to have 4-5 days standby mode this is the most attractive Talkase mobile feature. It is available in different color combinations, Talkase mobile in black, blue, white and orange. iPhone x covers are available you can fit this phone into the cover, and use it when needed.Talkase mobile specification and features in short

  • Mini GSM phone
  • Dimension 48mmx86mm
  • P-OLED display 128×36 pixel
  • External memory
  • Speaker & MIC
  • Talking time 2.5-3.0 hours
  • Standby time approx 4-5 day
  • Language – English


To give a Talkase mobile review, the important aspect is to make an account for its purpose. This phone helps in day to day routine, and helper in emergency. You can rely on it as your phone battery becomes dead without any backup. It has Bluetooth connectivity to almost all smartphones. You can listen music and install ringtones which one you like. The size is the major problem solver here. It can fit into your smartphone/iphone cover easily and you can carry it anywhere.

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Talkase Mobile Phone – This phone For iPhone User
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