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Era of sophisticated Projector Smartwatch Is Coming {* Ritot Smartwatch *}

Projector Smartwatch is the new beginning in the era of digital wearable, it is a computerized wristwatch which not only acts timekeeping but can perform much complex tasks. You can run apps on it, play games but now these Smartwatch providing better functionality of running mobile operations. Features like pedometer, message notification, and application alerts etc. Projection helps to enlarge the display on the hand to use the device as the any other Smartphone. This device is going to be way more popular than Smartphone, due to its practicality. Affordable projector Smartwatch is now the future, they are handy, easy to use and less complex in use.

Projector Smartwatch utility, features, and practicality

Projector Smartwatch is a bloom to the digital watches, for examples “Ritot” and “Asu cast one” are trending today.  More and more demand for these watches has raised new technological transformation.  As when the smartphone came into picture the wrist clocks went out of fashion, the 4.5” inch display is far more attractive and usable then tiny clock screen. But that problem is now corrected by smartphone projector watch, all the information projects display on the back of the wearer’s hand. No touch screen, LCD based display requires, your hand’s skin act as a display screen, where you can use full functionality of a smartphone by proximity sensor. You can speak a term projector mobile on hand. Without any screen, this also reduces effect of brightness over the eyes.

The company “Ritot” is struggling for the financial funding, it is taking lot of efforts to convince investors and raise fund. If the company is able to meet goals then the Ritot will become the reality.

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Asu cast one Smartwatch vs  Ritot Smartwatch

The Asu has a built-in projector with 1280×800 pixel resolution, and it projects display on the hand as well as on any screen when stood on the tripod stand. As Asu is a Chinese brand; you can assume the quality by comparing with other brands such as OPPO and GIONE. Projector Smartwatch price is around 2,999Yuan or USD$460, sound expensive but its functioning is staggering.  Asu cast one Smartwatch is one such example of technology and utility which make people crazy for it.  The idea behind Smartphone projector watch is to provide sophisticated intelligence.  The practicality and usability of this device is impeccable, the watch has no face you can choose apps by tapping on it.  You can use this device to project maps and direction of destination on the car’s windshield.  This is quite a huge feature in case you don’t have this feature installed in your car.

Ritot Smartwatch

Projector Smartwatch
Ritot Smartwatch

The Ritot Smartwatch is not just a bracelet band. A tiny projection of display of notifications and apps alert will display on your hand. Its process is simple and hence not as complex as Asu’s. Some other projector Smartwatch android mobile, are in the market but features of these projector watches are knock out. Describe below the task performed by this watch, it is simple to use tools.


  • Display of Incoming Caller ID
  • Display of text messages
  • Show Reminders, meetings
  • Emails alerts
  • Calendar event alerts
  • Notification of Facebook Messages
  • Twitter Notification
  • Weather Alerts Notification
  • Non-disturbing silent vibrating alarm and timer
Era of sophisticated Projector Smartwatch Is Coming {* Ritot Smartwatch *}
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