Laxmi Coin Launch Date

Know About Laxmi Coin Launch Date, Price, Real and Fake

Know About Laxmi Coin Launch Date

In India RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is all set to launch Laxmi coin an Indian cryptocurrency. As the Bitcoin has become the leading cryptocurrency throughout world. Laxmi coin launch date is yet not confirmed but soon RBI will announce any news regarding this.

Whey Laxmi Coin Not The Bitcoin?

The emerging cryptocurrency Bitcoin is decentralized in nature hence there is no bank or financial institution involve in its ownership. Bitcoin’s price surge from $2000 to $6900 in just few months led the craze for it.

Indian people also realized the trend and buying and selling Bitcoin in over billions of dollars. Government caught an eye for tax payers as they find another way to hide their income by converting it into Bitcoin. RBI wants the Indian centralized cryptocurrency with proper banking regulations instead of Bitcoin.

When Laxmi Coin Launch

Laxmi coin going to be India’s first digital currency and with Digital India concept it will be a new revolution. RBI will announce Laxmi coin launch date after all the collaborations and technical process will confirm. We don’t have any sufficient information regarding When Laxmi coin RBI launch. But we expect things are running smoothly and only after few months this picture will clear.

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RBI is providing all leadership to SBI (State Bank of India) which is among world’s top 50 banks. SBI has total asset of 420 billion dollars and taking responsibility for Laxmi coin digital currency. SBI finding way to collaborating big IT companies like IBM and Skylark. There are 10 commercial banks working with SBI to provide ample resources to make Laxmi coin. We are guessing for Laxmi coin launch date after the official announcement of RBI guidelines.

What is Laxmi Coin Price?

RBI will work hard and have to make its own blockchain and digital ledger. Hacking is usual term for digital world and RBI has to keep up to mandate strict regulations for protection of Laxmi coin. The Laxmi coin rate will determine by as per RBI regulations and guidelines. All the Laxmi coin FAQ will answer by the government firms in coming months.

Is Real?

Amid of any government official statement regarding authorized launching of Laxmi coin few companies already launch calming them authorization. We are advising our users to make sure before investing in any altcoin claiming them as Laxmi coin.

To know Is fake or real we try our resources and knowledge which let us draw this conclusion

  • There is no privacy policy of this site
  • There is no License agreement status
  • And they look like real as they are showing poster of Swach Bharat mission and Make in India concept.
  • Price surge is from Rs 1 to Rs 14 in just 2 weeks.
  • ltd is running by the same company
  • Now change the url to
  • There is no sign of authorization, government claiming for this website.
  • We hope government will track down these fraudulent before they harm innocent people’s hard earned money. And Are Fake?

Another website claiming and fake and itself real one have same signs of frauds and hoax.

Food for thought if, and are really true then why hiding their identities. We are advising you not to show interest in these sites or promote them for investing. Indian Government will officially announced Laxmi coin launch date wait for it.

Know About Laxmi Coin Launch Date, Price, Real and Fake
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