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BTC cryptocurrency Prediction

What Is The Expected Price Of Bitcoin 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Expected price of Bitcoin
Expected price of Bitcoin 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

When look at the track record of Bitcoin performance it is being through ups and downs in past few months. The expected price of Bitcoin is remaining unanswered and unpredictable. After China banned Bitcoin ICOs (Initial coin offerings), Bitcoin fell from grace and below $3500. Now it is becoming bull at $7400 and if everything runs well it will soon touch $10000 before year ends.

Expected price of Bitcoin for the year 2018, 2019

Bitcoin cryptocurrency touch fresh at $7454 on BPI (Bitcoin price index). BTC failed two times to cross above the $7400 mark. The steep rise is showing gradual slow down and Bitcoin hovering over $7200. The expected price of Bitcoin will depend on world economics, if we consider one factor there are many which counter effect. China became a global leader in Bitcoin mining and ICOs but after Republican government strict regulations it falls down to number five. On the other hand when Japan had allowed Bitcoin to be its official currency in transaction, Bitcoin price surged to 100%.

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Some European nations also wants to legalize Bitcoin whereas some trying to make their own cryptocurrency Estonia. There are many stores opened in USA allowing Bitcoin as a currency exchange in services. For the people viewing opportunity in Bitcoin investment we can say expected price of Bitcoin 2018, 2019 will profitable.

The recent price surge BPI showing following characteristics

  • High record of Doji candle
  • RSI overbuying
  • Price-related strength Index (RSI) divergence
Expected price of Bitcoin
Expected price of Bitcoin 2018,

The Doji candle mark of Bitcoin success has shown in the figure. The exhaustion is visible at the top and bottom of the graph. Doji candle is showing possibility of bull market. But a bearish price RSI is also available and confirmed the divergence the price is just rolling around $7445 to $7450. 

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Expected price of Bitcoin 2020, 2021 and 2022

After ranging between economic opportunities and differences Bitcoin is going up despite any warnings. Many countries are investing in it and people becoming aware about its utility. After the economic slowdown of last year Bitcoin had started at just $750 in January 2017 but by October 2017 it become $7500. If the future belongs to digital age, Bitcoin will be the only digital currency that will triumph. Talking to altcoins Ethereum, litecoin and others will also make impact and revolutionize our economic world. Expected price of Bitcoin 2020, 2021 will be a huge question for investors and people who are mining it. Answer is in range from $10000 to 1 million price tag, the overall transactions turns out to be in trillions of dollars.

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Expected price of Bitcoin 2022

Investing in Bitcoin can make your future bright or make it worse there is no solid answer for this. The building platform of Bitcoin and involvement of different countries will make things right for Bitcoin survival. Bitcoin is a bubble said by UBS CEO and we also believe total investment in Bitcoin is always in risk.

What Is The Expected Price Of Bitcoin 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
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