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Bitcoin Gold Launches Today So What Is Fork

bitcoin gold
How do people feel about BTG

What is Bitcoin gold?

Same as hard fork of Bitcoin Gold is an invention of Jack Liao. The BTG is having the goal to make BTG more famous than Bitcoin. Irrespective the price of Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin rise with different ratios. The proof of work helps to get the decentralization of the BTC. If you change proof of work it will take hard fork and BTC have to do it. Talking about proof of work it is named as Equihash which is known as algorithm which is used by ASIC resistant and ZCash. Equihash is memory based algorithm. It also helps the miners to again start mining through CPU and GPU as the competition level is low.

Bitcoin gold price

The new Bitcoin Gold has hard fork goal to decentralize mining operation to aim the companies affording expensive chips. This somehow is reducing the huge and labor intensive computation. And Bitcoin gold price is soaring high as $177 which is 30% hike right now. The algorithm power is accessing the people to mine the algorithm at their GPUs and CPUs. But this is not helpful in future but it is right now and you can easily mine BTG then a Bitcoin. Check out BTG price change at out Rising Feed BTG that helps you to keep updated.

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Do I have Bitcoin gold?

bitcoin gold
How do people feel about BTG

Anyone who is interested in mining Bitcoin gold can mine easily, by less costlier resources of CPU and GPU. Whereas mining Bitcoin without ASICs is near to impossible as high POW algorithm is getting tougher. If you have a Bitcoin you can buy BTG at #bitcoingold and exchange it for Bitcoin. The value of BTG is $177 by 30% past days and Bitcoin is $6607 after drop of 8%. Famous exchanges like Coinbase is ready to launch BTG to BTC exchange.

Who is behind Bitcoin gold?

A small group of people are behind the hard fork of Bitcoin Gold. Lightining ASIC CEO Jack Liao who is among first critics about Bitcoin mining idea now trying to sell Bitcoin gold from July. He is founder of company that sells mining equipment, including GPU and computing hardware. His team has five new members including anonymous developer h4X3rotab. Robert Kuhne he is a strategist, Alejandro Regojo an organizer from Spain, Martin Kuvandzhiev core developer and Franco Niebles UI/UX Designer.

How do people feel about Bitcoin gold?

People has warm welcomed for BTG and they are interesting in using it as it also created controversies. Marek Palatinus CEO of Satoshi labs and the person who launched Bitcoin’s first mining pool doubted this. Marek has skeptical view regarding this, as it does decentralize the mining process.

51% of the mining population is using Rhett Creighton software to mine the Bitcoin. Rhett himself is busy in finding the alternative of BTG. And at the end of story it depends on people what they want to mine. Some people are protesting against Bitcoin gold whereas some allowing and promoting it for future reference. It is your faith and knowledge to let decide whether there is profit in mining and keeping BTG will be profitable or not.




Bitcoin Gold Launches Today So What Is Fork
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