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Bitcoin ATM Card, Uses, Features And Functioning

bitcoin atm card
Bitcoin ATM card available in the market

How to use Bitcoin ATM card for daily transactions?

The new trend of Bitcoin has led us to indulge in using Bitcoin debit cards. Here you can join the link between Bitcoin and daily finance need. By using Bitcoin ATM card you can buy Bitcoin or load them, and spend Bitcoin through any card merchant. It is very easy to carry Bitcoin transaction through debit cards, hence to store balance in Bitcoin is a wise choice.

How does anyone can use Bitcoin ATM debit card?

To know all the aspects of using the Bitcoin debit card, learn about all the cards available across the world. Most importantly Bitcoin ATM fees, and applies to which Bitcoin ATM country.

Cryptopay Bitcoin ATM debit card sale

It is the oldest and most established Bitcoin ATM card, it was issued over 23000 debit cards. This card has easier functioning and allow customer to use it many day to day business. Other features contribute to its popularity are

• Low commission
• Free delivery worldwide
• Both plastic and virtual cards available
• Worldwide acceptable
To know where to find Bitcoin ATM card near me, by now visit at Google Maps to locate the destination easily. Lower limit cards even don’t require your ID verification.

SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit card

bitcoin atm Card
image Source: https://blog.spectrocoin.com

These are prepaid card available, worldwide and can be used at any place around the globe where Bitcoin is in trend. You can find SpectroCoin Bitcoin ATM London, USA and in Russia, the coin can be denominated in others currencies as well. There are ATMs available for cash withdrawal, transactions at many places. You can do your purchase directly through debit card, such that cards available are in both physical and virtual. Plus the withdrawals are unlimited free, with only low fee on transactions.

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There are other Bitcoin ATM cards available in the market

• Unquid VISA debit card
• BitPay VISA debit card
• Xapo VISA debit card
Coinbase VISA debit card
• Bitwala VISA debit card

Bitwala Visa debit card is most affordable and popular in use. Hence it is the most famous Bitcoin ATM in UK and in India too.

How to withdraw from Bitcoin ATM card and how does it works?

There are many Bitcoin ATM card machines, but we are discussing only four here, some of them have selling option, some might not.

bitcoin atm card
bitcoin atm card

• Robocoin
• Genesis Coin
• BitAccess
• General Bytes (BATMThree and BATMTwo model)

Robocoin, as the process of all other ATM machines are similar then we only discussing this one. Before the Withdrawal from Robocoin Bitcoin ATM, you need to have Bitcoins in your wallet and then you have to transfer these Bitcoin in Robocoin wallet. If you already have Bitcoins in Robocoin wallet the process is much faster otherwise it takes more than an hour.

• Log on to the Robocoin wallet, tap receive option on the screen

• You will get QR code for depositing the Bitcoins

• Send Bitcoins to this address, now Robocoin wallet have your Bitcoins

• You have to wait for 6 confirmations, Robocoin takes to accept the transaction

• Soon you receive a notification that  your balance is received by Robocoin

• Then sign in Robocoin ATM (phone and pin)

• Tap withdraw option• Select the amount need to be disperse

• Collect the cash and the receipt


The information is tentative, and not reviewed by any professional expert, so this information should not be used for making financial transaction.

Bitcoin ATM Card, Uses, Features And Functioning
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